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Feedback Culture Scan

You will achieve a real change in the culture of open communication and feedback in your organization, and because of that:

  • increase the quality and effectiveness of collaboration,

  • accelerate the learning cycle on a personal and organisational level,

  • you will be more innovative and more responsive to change,

  • you will improve relationships within teams and be better able to resolve conflicts,

  • strengthen employee engagement.



Feedback training for managers isn't always the best way to resolve open communication issues in a company. Maybe the solution is elsewhere. And until you have the data, you can't make the right decisions and achieve real change.


Project flow
  • we start with an online survey → we have a basic idea of what it looks like in your company,

  • continue with structured interviews and/or focus groups → deeper dive, testing hypotheses,

  • you will get a complete analysis with results and recommendations for steps that will bring you closer to the desired state.

A tool for measuring the maturity of an organization's feedback culture. On three levels:

  • individual,

  • teams and their leaders,

  • the whole company.


Thanks to that, you can

  • make better decisions based on data and not just assumptions,

  • accurately target where to invest your money,

  • not waste time and energy on activities that don't deliver results.

Product offers


For small businesses or start-ups

with a limited budget.



  • online survey with pre-made questionnaire,

  • output report with basic data analysis and key findings,

  • 1 hour consultation to discuss the report and answer questions.


Project duration: 2-3 weeks


For mid-sized companies looking for deeper analysis.



  • online survey with a pre-made questionnaire,

  • individual interviews (e.g. CEO, HR, 2-3 team leaders),

  • 1 focus group with employees.

  • in-depth data analysis and report with recommendations,

  • 2 hours of consultation to discuss findings and recommendations.


Project duration: 4-6 weeks


For large organisations or those who appreciate a highly individual approach.



  • working with the client to refine the questionnaire based on specific needs.

  • online questionnaire with customised questions,

  • in-depth data analysis and report with detailed recommendations and plans,

  • individual interviews (e.g., CEO, HR, team leaders),

  • multiple focus groups with different employee groups,

  • ongoing consultation (3-4 meetings) to discuss findings, develop a communication strategy and monitor progress.


Project duration: 6-8 weeks

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