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Kindly Honest Feedback

A culture of feedback is essential to the success of any company. It helps create an environment of trust and encourages open communication. However, it's not always truly lived - nearly 70 percent of managers don't feel comfortable communicating with their team, and 37 percent feel uncomfortable specifically when giving feedback.


That's why I develop people in companies in receiving and giving feedback. I call my approach Kindly Honest Feedback and it is based on the principles of Radical Candor and Nonviolent Communication. The training programs have a measurable impact and will deliver real change in behaviour. I usually work with managers, team members or HR teams


For example, I can help you to:

  • Use feedback as a development tool, not a performance evaluation,

  • Express your needs in a respectful way,

  • Appreciate and criticise in a balanced way that is beneficial to others,

  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of collaboration,

  • Accelerate the learning cycle at personal and organisational level,

  • Be more innovative and creative,

  • Be better at conflict resolution,

  • Strengthen employee engagement.

There are many ways to develop in feedback. Depending on your needs, we can combine:

  • Online and offline meetings,

  • Theory and training of model situations,

  • Self-study, self-reflection, exercises for transfer to practice,

  • Individual and group consultations.


The programme is always tailored to have the greatest practical benefit - for individuals and for whole teams.


I am also involved in company-wide projects in which, in addition to communication training, we focus on your values, operating principles, internal processes or approach to management. Because truly changing a feedback culture is a complex and long-term process. You can have visible results within 1/2 - 1 year.


  • My coaching or consulting hour costs 1900 CZK.

  • The price of trainings and long-term projects will be agreed individually. For example, a development program for a group of 8-12 people (1/2 day face-to-face workshop, 1 hr reflective online meeting) usually costs 20,000 CZK. 


Interested in how I think about feedback? Check out my blog, listen to me on the SUHR podcast Jak na zpětnou vazbu, or sign up for my newsletter. You'll receive the e-book Laskavě upřímný feedback as a gift from me (all 🇨🇿).

"We want to have better relationships and results at the same time."

"We need to be able to communicate openly and have difficult conversations."

"People on our team are afraid of feedback and that makes projects difficult."

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