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Bohunka Hihlánová: HR poradenství

I help companies be better
by working with their
people, teams and culture.

Why work with me?


  • I know there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I have nearly 20 years of HR experience in a variety of roles, industries and company cultures and I can help you find one that works for you.

  • I care about results. "Give lecture and walk away" is not my style, I need to see that our work together is useful and has a visible impact.

  • I am kind and honest. I pride myself on being human and approachable, while not being afraid to honestly name things that need to be addressed. You can count on that.


Kindly Honest Feedback

Training for groups and teams, individual mentoring or consultation on how to foster a culture of feedback in your company.

HR Partner for Business

One-off consultations and mentoring, medium-term projects and long-term cooperation as interim HR. 

Leadership Development

Individual support for aspiring and experienced leaders and managers. Coaching, mentoring, consultations.

About me

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I am a H(uman) R(elations) professional with nearly 20 years of HR experience and coaching training. I develop people, teams and culture in companies because I believe that good work is one of the prerequisites for a good life. My heart is in values-based organizations with a high degree of autonomy, self-direction, personal accountability and empathetic leadership.


I want to do work that is meaningful and that we enjoy together. I will lead your internal project or support you as an external consultant, coach, trainer. By working with me, you'll have teams that get along, leaders that lead the company to success, and people care that supports the company's strategy.

I write regularly on my LinkedIn and blog about feedback, communication, leadership and company culture. I also have a newsletter.


Keywords: #minimalist, #coffeeaddict, #slowrunner, #booklover.

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"Elan, energy and a wealth of practical experience."

I and my team had the opportunity to work intensively with Bohunka for over a year on a project focusing on people management and professional development. The project was a great success and Bohunka had a lot to do with it. Bohunka was involved in the development of conceptual and methodological documents, workshops with managers and people leaders, preparation and delivery of training, project reporting and reports to the Steering Committee. I appreciate the drive and energy she brought to the project, her extensive practical experience in HR and people management, her coaching skills, and her overall positive and professional approach. Working with Bohunka has been tremendous and inspiring for me and the project team.

Pavel Kysela

COO Adastra Group


  • LinkedIn

I probably don't have my phone at hand right now because I'm focused on working for and with clients.  So I'd prefer if you could email me at or message me on LinkedIn


Don't be afraid to contact me even when you are not sure if you need me at all or if you don't know exactly what our cooperation should look like. I'll get back to you within a week and we'll discuss it together.


You can also book a short, non-binding online meeting:

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