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Leadership Development

The success of a company is determined by the quality of its leaders. We know, for example, that 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by their managers. And more and more pressure is being placed on them. Currently, more than half of managers are following up on job offers or even actively looking for a new job - perhaps because of emerging burnout.


I'm happy to support you in your leadership/management role with coaching and mentoring to ensure your work is sustainable and delivers results as well as satisfaction.


By working with me you will gain: 

  • The unbiased perspective of a professional who stands outside your company,

  • More confidence and job satisfaction,

  • Energy to make the necessary changes.


I have been coaching for 8 years, in 2016 I completed the Training in Systemic Coaching. I also draw on nearly 20 years of experience in various HR roles, companies and cultures

I work with a systemic approach - I develop what works and is useful. I start from the premise that I cannot change the other person from the outside, but I can support them to decide for change themselves and then help them to make it happen. I see people as complex beings in the full range of their roles, relationships and systems they are part of (company, family...). Together we will look for ways and solutions that fit all these roles.


In addition to individual coaching or mentoring, I also work with groups of managers in the form of mastermind or bálint groups, where there is space to share know-how and inspire each other.



  • Consulting, coaching and mentoring: 2 400 CZK (60 min) | 8 800 CZK (package of 4 x 60 min) | 16 000 CZK (package of 8 x 60 min). 

  • For longer projects, we usually start with an analysis of needs and agree on the price individually depending on the complexity and scope of the collaboration. 


Do you want to learn more about leadership development? Check out my blog 🇨🇿

"It's my first time as a boss and I want to do a good job."


"I've been through a leadership academy and I need to take what I've learned and put it into everyday practice."


"I'm taking full care of the team and forgetting to think about myself and my needs." 

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