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Motivational maps

They are based on nine motivators and three groups of motivation: Relationships, Achievement, Growth. The Motivational Maps test asks a few simple questions (takes about 15 minutes to complete) that generate a unique, individual map - which describes in detail the benefits of each motivator and how it can affect personal performance.


The output is an easy-to-read report that accurately describes the drivers for individuals and the practical steps they can take to leverage this self-knowledge.

Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps are an effective tool for understanding and improving employee motivation and engagement. They are based on the latest research in motivation theory and use a unique self-assessment questionnaire to identify the key motivational factors of each team member. With this information, managers and HR professionals can tailor their strategies to meet everyone's unique needs. Whether you want to improve performance, reduce turnover, or simply create a more positive culture within your organization, motivation maps can help you achieve your goals.

As a coach accredited to interpret Motivational Maps, I can help individuals and managers understand the results with greater depth and recommend actions they should take based on them.


A team map based on individual results also reveals common team characteristics, motivation levels and sources of potential tensions within the team.

Examples of solutions:

  • Individual map (test & 50 min interpretation): 3.900 CZK

  • Team map (test for 6 people & 90 min interpretation for manager): 10.000 CZK

  • Team map with workshop (testing of the whole team & team workshop explaining the principles of motivation and interpreting the results): individual

When do you find Motivational Maps useful? If you want to:

Understand your own motivation better

Improve your

Achieve greater
job satisfaction

Make good
career decisions

Work better with energy and boost performance

Understand your team's motivation and be able to better influence it

Motivační mapy Licenced Practitioner badge

The principles of Motivational Maps are based on more than a decade of research on human behaviour, organisational psychology and motivation. As a result, the Motivational Maps are ISO 17065 accredited, certifying that the profiling tool provides accurate and valid data and meets legislative standards for self-perception questionnaires.

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