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Motivational maps

"We want to promote employee performance and satisfaction." 

"As a leader, I need to better understand my team's motivation."


"I'm losing drive and starting to look for another job." 

Motivational maps are an effective tool for understanding and improving employee motivation. They are based on the latest research in human behaviour, motivation theory and organisational psychology.


They can help you, for example:

  • understand your motivation

  • understand the motivation of others,

  • achieve higher performance and greater job satisfaction,

  • increase engagement in teams,

  • reduce employee turnover,

  • create a more positive company culture,

  • develop leadership more effectively,

  • make good career decisions.

They use a self-assessment questionnaire that identifies key motivational factors for each team member. It contains a few simple questions and takes about 15 minutes to complete. 


Once evaluated, it provides a unique and easy-to-read map that details the motivators and their impact on one's personal performance. Based on individual results, the Team map also reveals common team characteristics, motivation levels and sources of potential tensions within the team


As a coach accredited to interpret motivational maps, I will not only help you understand the results, but also recommend actionable steps to take based on them. 



  • Individual map (test and 50 min interpretation).

  • Team map (test for 6 people and 90 min interpretation for manager): 10 000 CZK

  • Team map and workshop (testing of the whole team and team workshop with explanation of motivation principles and interpretation of results): to be arranged individually

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